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Jason B.

Crazy to say but I have now worked with Matt for over 10 years. He has guided me and now my wife and me through a number of real estate transactions. Matt is always extremely prepared. During the search phase, he provides the general market conditions to sets expectations. We went to countless viewings with him. Even when we went to open houses on our own he would do his best to check them out as well so he could always provide his input. He never pressures but provides sage advice. When reading an offer, Matt will scour the market to see what makes sense and will reach out to the other agent to see what the pulse is. In fact, when purchasing our last home on Matt's advice we were able to save nearly 100k from what we were about to offer based on what he was seeing and hearing. Matt takes the same approach to sell as he does with buying. He will research your neighborhood for comps and provide what he thinks a fair range is to help you establish a selling price. He has a great network of stagers and photographers to make sure your place looks great. He keeps you up to date throughout. Even after our transactions, we find ourselves reaching out to Matt. He has a tremendous network and is always willing to share it. He is one of the first people we reach out to for referrals when we are looking to get work done. It is great knowing that we have someone like Matt around.

Nicholas C.

It's hard to describe in words how great it has been to work with Matt Slowik over the last 5 years but I'm going to try. During that time, Matt has been instrumental in guiding us through the complexities of the Boston Metro area real estate market for the purchase of 2 investment properties in Somerville and most recently, a new home in Lexington. Without exaggeration, he saved us over $100,000 in our most recent purchase. My wife and I had very stringent requirements for our new home which resulted in a very narrow range of suitable properties. Over the two years of our search, Matt tirelessly and patiently identified properties for us. We always felt supported in our search, despite the duration and a limited number of homes that met our criteria. Matt made it a point to visit all the properties that we were interested in and seek feedback regarding our likes/dislikes for each property we considered. Matt truly wanted to help us find the right home. I think one of the best things about working with Matt is his substantial experience. This really paid off during the offer process, which in our area is characterized by timelines between showing, offer, and acceptance measured in just days. With such little time, high stakes, and emotional investment in this seller’s market, making an offer is a really nerve-racking experience. This was especially the case for us where we were identifying 1-2 properties per year that met our criteria for an offer. In each case, Matt produced in-depth analysis on comparable properties, helped us strategize on the offer, and put together the offer package for us. He maintained constant communication with the seller’s agent to get details, coordinate on-site visits, and glean last-minute insights about how competitive the bidding was. He was able to reach out through his network of connections to help us schedule extremely short-notice pre-offer inspections which gave us more confidence in our offer. For the home that we purchased in June 2021, we knew that the market was extremely unpredictable and had seen homes in our area selling for $150,000-$200,000 over asking. Having worked with other agents previously, oftentimes you hear the recommendation to just pay whatever you think the home is worth to you rather than to try to get a good deal. It is fair advice in such a competitive seller’s market but it also feeds the market frenzy, not to mention being good for both agents involved since their commissions are based on a percentage of the sales price. For this house, my wife and I were prepared to pay at the upper range to ensure that our offer was accepted. The night before submitting the offer, we had a lengthy discussion with Matt and he agreed to write up the offer. Matt could have left things as they were but the next morning, Matt called me. He told me he had been thinking about it all night and thought our initial offer was too high. He recommended that we start the first round of offers at a lower number and had already prepared an alternate offer in case we agreed. We made this last-minute change and it was a good thing that we did. Our initial offer was accepted at the lower number. It’s often hard to quantify the value of a good agent but in this case, it’s easy. With Matt’s recommendation, we were able to save over $100,000. While there’s a lot of noise in the offer and acceptance process so it’s hard for anyone to predict exactly how to offer, this particular instance characterizes the excellence and integrity that Matt has demonstrated throughout our interactions. Without a doubt, Matt is one of the best agents in the Boston Metro area. What sets him apart from other agents is his unique combination of empathy and patience; coupled with his deep experience, clear-headedness, and integrity. In this crazy real estate market, Matt has my highest recommendation.

Diane D.

It is hard to put everything in words but I am beyond grateful for everything Matt did to help with the purchase of my Somerville home in Fall 2018 and its sale in Summer 2021. I truly believe there is no one who could have done the purchase and sale better than him and wish there was more I could do to demonstrate my appreciation for him beyond this review. I met Matt attending an open house in Somerville in 2018. It was my first time buying a home and since I had just moved from Chicago and was early in the house-hunting process, I recall being seemingly scatterbrained when we first met. Despite that, Matt took me under his wing, intently listened to everything I had to say, guided me through the home buying process and the lay of the land in Boston real estate. He was a clear standout compared to other Realtors® I met at open houses because of his gentle demeanor and patience. I immediately knew he was someone I would want to work with. There was not one moment where I felt pressured in any way and he made the home buying experience extremely enjoyable, as it should be for any home buyer. Within 2 weeks, he helped secure a competitive offer for my dream home in Somerville. He made the entire process seamless which was well appreciated given my busy schedule. Fast forward to summer 2021, I made the decision to move back to Chicago to be with my family. I was introduced to several Realtors® by close friends who were vying to sell my home during this hot market. Upon talking to them, I felt discouraged as they seemed to take an algorithmic approach based on a few comps and wanted to price my home lower than what I believe was market value. Given these stressful interactions, I knew I had to go with my gut (even though it meant disappointing my close friends) and reach out to Matt. From our very first conversation, it was a complete turnaround and I felt very encouraged. He knows Cambridge and Somerville well and is very diligent in assessing the smallest details of your home, beyond the "numbers". I appreciated the time he took to explain his thought process while factoring in my input along the way. He had a lot of confidence in my home and what it has to offer and I knew he would be the perfect person to represent me and my home during this sale. We agreed on a listing price I was comfortable with and much higher than what the other Realtors® suggested. Matt pulled out all the stops to get my home marketed, staged beautifully, and ready for the open house. He kept me in the loop throughout the entire process, was extremely responsive via text/phone, offered to help whenever he could, and really went above and beyond all my expectations. There was never a doubt in my mind that Matt was doing anything "less" than what could have been done. We ended up selling my home well above the listing price. I was actually shocked (I still am today!) when it happened and know Matt played a huge role in making that happen. If you are looking for a Realtor® to make buying and selling your home a comfortable and pleasant experience, I would highly recommend Matt. I would be happy to provide further details on my experience since I have so much confidence he will do a wonderful job and devote his time and attention to you and your home. Matt is extremely skilled, does high-quality work, is great with people, easy to work with, and overall a genuinely good person. He cares about you as a person and I honestly believe this is what sets him apart from everyone else. If I ever move back to Boston to purchase a home, I will 100% reach out to him without hesitation. Thank you Matt for leaving me with happy memories as I parted with the place I once called home.

Nick C.

Matt was easily the best agent we've worked with. The agents we've worked with previously have been all proficient enough to get through the home buying process quickly - sometimes to the point of being pushy. Others have been content to sit back and just wait for us to find houses on our own. In contrast, Matt establishes the high bar for excellence in all respects. What sets Matt apart from the others is his outstanding integrity, high level of engagement, and analytical ability. For home buying, these characteristics make all the difference between ending up with an ok house or finding the perfect home. The Search Matt took the time to sit down with us to discuss the objectives, location, price range, style, and other key attributes regarding the rental property we were looking for. As we reviewed MLS listings, he provided feedback from his extensive knowledge of the Cambridge/Somerville/Medford area. Matt also highlighted properties that he thought we'd be interested in. As he learned our preferences, Matt really zeroed in on the type, location, and style of properties we were interested in. It was one of his suggested listings that we purchased - precisely what we were looking for. The Offer - In the hot Cambridge/Somerville market, making an offer that is high enough to win the property but is not wasteful requires a lot of analysis, some intuition, and a little bit of luck. This was where Matt's analytical ability and responsiveness made all the difference. On short timelines, Matt visited properties, prepared offers, and provided comprehensive comparable reports that included his expert analysis. He also corresponded with the selling agent on our behalf to get key additional information regarding the property and status of offers so we had the best information to work with. Further, because our search was for a rental property, Matt contacted his rental broker colleagues to get estimates on how much the property could rent for. Making the actual offer can be a nerve-wracking and frustrating experience. Matt kept us focused on our criteria and objectives which allowed us to take a measured approach to make offers. We made offers on 5 properties overall over 3 months of searching. We appreciated his patience, encouragement, and consistent support through the entire time. The Close and Onward - Matt is supported by an awesome office team that helped us through the paperwork and coordination - easy! After the close, I appreciated that Matt continued to provide insight for us regarding suggested fixes to improve the property value, next steps for renting, and helped to connect us with rental brokers. This is a long review but I wanted to make sure to give Matt the appreciation that he deserves. We felt like we had an expert teammate during the search and buying process; a relationship which has continued even after the close. Matt is as good as it gets.

Matt S.

My wife and I met Matt at an open house when we first started contemplating the idea of purchasing a property in Cambridge/Somerville in the fall of 2016. We were new to the area and to home buying in general. Matt gave us a brief overview of the home searching and buying process at the open house, and he reached out to us with a personal note saying that he would be happy to answer any questions we may have. In our first interaction, Matt came across as genuine, professional, but not pushy. Even though we told Matt that we were only considering the idea of buying a home, Matt stayed in touch, checked in with us periodically, and took the time to meet with us again (twice) to walk us through the process in more detail. When we become serious about buying, Matt was the first agent who we thought of. For 2-3 months, we maintained a pace of making one offer per week. It was the busy season, but Matt was always on top of connecting with sellers' agents to obtain useful information, doing market analysis, putting our offers together, etc. One of the most valuable resources Matt brought to the table was his network of real estate professionals. When we finally had an offer accepted, the seller wanted a short turnaround, and as a result, we bumped up the inspection date to about 1-2 days after offer acceptance. Matt quickly arranged a top-notch home inspector for us, who did an amazing job in explaining what areas were being inspected and what the potential problems might be. We ended up walking away from the deal based on the results of the home inspection. Matt was professional throughout this process and remained our advocate from arranging the inspection, communicating with the seller's agent, to getting our deposit back. My wife and I both learned a lot from this deal, and we truly appreciated the network and professionalism Matt offered. Our second accepted offer was for the property that we finally purchased. It was quite a unique and stressful situation. The property is located in a prime location in Cambridge, and not surprisingly, received multiple over-asking offers that waived everything. Based on market research and our previous experiences (lost offers), Matt suggested an offering price that gave us a competitive edge (got us to the second round of bidding) and advised us on how to "sweeten the deal" while respecting and working with our appetite for risk. Matt also helped us arrange a home inspection (with the same inspector) before the offer deadline with a very short (e.g., a few hours) notice. Everything went smoothly later on and the rest was history. Looking back, we really enjoyed working with Matt and appreciated all he has to offer - knowledge, empathy, professionalism, resources, and a good sense of humor. We will be happy to refer friends to Matt in the future!

Dolly B.

Starting from the first call we had with him, Matt has wowed us with his knowledge of the Greater Boston market, professionalism and efficiency, and genuine concern for our interests. We used Matt as our buyer's agent to purchase a property remotely during the pandemic, but we originally found him when a listing of his caught our eye. Although his listing had been sold by the time we called, he spent almost an hour sharing his knowledge of broader dynamics in the market and making sure he understood our situation and needs. We weren't particularly motivated buyers and had pretty limiting requirements, but Matt wasn't fazed at all and got straight to work finding suitable listings for us and reaching out to his network to find properties that were in the pipeline. We were bracing for a long search exacerbated by the pandemic, but Matt never made us feel pressured to compromise to speed things up and always gave us his honest evaluation of asking prices and the condition of the properties. Additionally, the Compass interface for sharing listings is extremely convenient and we were really glad that Matt had all the tech of Compass behind him. We ended up winning a bid on the right place within a month of working with Matt - a listing for which (thanks to Matt) we had researched comparables and considered renovation costs before it came to market. We have no doubt this preparation allowed us to win the bid, and our trust in Matt gave us confidence that we knew all relevant information about what we were buying without ever having toured it in person. We are now in the process of renovating the property, and even at this stage, Matt has been an incredible resource. He has connected us to great local contractors and gone above and beyond to help - he has let in pre-move-in contractors/cleaners on our behalf, and even helped us check that all windows were closed during a storm. We've recommended Matt to everyone we know thinking about buying in the area. Don't bother working with anyone else.

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